A judge in the US scolds and fines an elderly man with cancer who neglected the lawn of his house for being too weak


13 ene 2022 15:53 ​​GMT

“If I could give him jail time for this, I would,” the magistrate exclaimed after imposing a $ 100 fine.

A judge in the state of Michigan (USA) fined and reprimanded a 72-year-old man, who is fighting an oncological disease, on Monday for letting the weed grow in front of his home in the city of Hamtramck, local media report .

During a hearing held in a manner

By Zoom, Elder Burhan Chowdhury explained to Magistrate Alexis Krot that he was unable to take care of the turf as he was too weakened from his medical treatment. As he spoke, you could hear how I was breathing with difficulty.

But despite his obvious physical weakness, Krot replied that “he should be ashamed of himself.” And he added that “if i could give you jail time for this i would“.

It also forced him to pay a fine of 100 dollars and ordered him to take care of the exterior appearance of his home, calling it “totally inappropriate”.

The old man’s son, Shibbir Chowdhury, who accompanied his father during the communication, asked the judge to take into account the septuagenarian’s state of health and that the front of the house had already been cleaned.

“See that photo? That’s embarrassing. Embarrassing! Neighbors shouldn’t have to see that,” the magistrate replied in an elevated tone.

In conversation with The Washington Post, Shibbir related that in 2019 his father was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and who normally helps him take care of the house, but the weeds grew while he was away for three months for a trip to Bangladesh. Shibbir also promised to pay the fine imposed on the old man.

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