Feminist lesbians who murdered little Lucio took him to pro-abortion marches

Feminist lesbians who murdered little Lucio took him to pro-abortion marches
Feminist lesbians who murdered little Lucio took him to pro-abortion marches

The feminist lesbian couple who beat Abel Lucio Dupuy to death, a five-year-old boy, also took the little one on pro-abortion marches in Argentina.

“Lucio, the child brutally murdered by his mother and the latter’s girlfriend, was taken to feminist and abortion marches,” he said in his account.

the Argentine politologist and expert in gender ideology, Agustín Laje.

“In the photo they see him broken, from the beatings he received from these women, who then marched to ‘put an end to gender violence,'” he added.

Also on December 2 the

a video in which Lucio can be seen with his right hand bandaged.

“In the feminist marches that promoted the genocide of abortion, they took Lucio and he was in these conditions, broken, beaten, bruised, but the green collective did not care. Hypocrites JusticiaPorLucio ”, affirms the Argentine pro-life group.

The murder of Lucio, who died as a result of the physical abuse of his mother and his lesbian partner, in a case that has shocked Argentina.

Lucio’s mother, Magdalena Espósito Valiente, and her partner Abigail Páez, both activists of the LGTB collective (lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals), were charged and arrested for the murder.

Both women maintained a process for the possession of the minor with the biological father, Christian Dupuy.

The murder of the child Abel Lucio Dupuy was perpetrated on November 26 in the city of Santa Rosa, Argentina’s La Pampa province.

The boy was taken to hospital with seizures, but doctors were unable to save him due to multiple trauma and internal bleeding.

The necropsy also revealed that the boy had old bite marks and cigarette burns.

Local media indicated that the minor’s medical history details that he was treated for trauma several times between December 2020 and March 2021, but there was no follow-up of this background by the justice.

A call has been launched on Twitter so that

the main square of each city in Argentina, a white candle is lit and a white balloon is raised in silence, in memory of the deceased child.

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