Is there a 1963 movie called ‘Omicron Variant’? Here the truth

Is there a 1963 movie called ‘Omicron Variant’? Here the truth
Is there a 1963 movie called ‘Omicron Variant’? Here the truth

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Mexico City.- After the emergence of the new variant from covid, the topic “Ómicron” it has become trend on the internet while the scientific community seeks to know the risk of its spread throughout the world.

And although most searches return results on the WHO and the progress of investigations, “Ómicron” is not a new term (it is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet) and has already been used before for other things, like the cinema.

Is there a movie called “Omicron Variant”?

The real name from the movie is only “Omicron”, it is Italian and of the year 1963 (IMDB).

Love directed by Ugo Gregoretti, not about a virus, but an alien parasite called “Ómicron” from the planet “Ultra” that infiltrates the earth to take the body of a man and thus know the way of life of human society and take power.

The film Ómicron was part of the 24th edition of the Venice International Film Festival.

Another piece of information about the film is that it is a criticism of the struggle of capitalism against socialism, but in 2021 due to the pandemic, it has been taken up by the Conspiracy theories in social networks.

Scene from the movie “Ómicron” (1963). Photo: IMDB

What about the poster that says “The day the earth became a graveyard”

The picture circulating on social networks what the poster claims is of the movie “Omicron Variant”, It’s not real.

The fake poster for the movie “Omicron”. Photo: Twitter / BeckyCheatle

Was the creation of a graphic artist named Becky Cheatle on Twitter, she also invented two other posters.

“I Photoshopped the phrase ‘The Omicron Variant’ on a bunch of 70s sci-fi movie posters Omicron.”

Publication of the creator of the fake poster. Photo: Screenshot

The royal poster from “Ómicron” It includes one of the main actors and has a completely different design.

Poster for the movie “Ómicron” (1963). Photo: IMDB


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