Alleged photograph of the ‘face of God’ in the clouds is viral in networks – People – Culture

Alleged photograph of the ‘face of God’ in the clouds is viral in networks – People – Culture
Alleged photograph of the ‘face of God’ in the clouds is viral in networks – People – Culture

Last Saturday, October 16, during the procession of the Lord of Great Power in Seville, Spain, some parishioners decided to take photos of the religious event and post them on social networks.

Among the images there was something that set off Internet users’ alarms. They, in a very short time, viralized the images due to their supposed content ‘miraculous’.
The first photographs were taken by Ignacio Fernandez Barrionuevo, a resident of Seville, who posted the images on his Facebook account.

He had not realized what he had portrayed, but a friend of his informed him: the supposed silhouette of the ‘face of God’ you could see it from the clouds.

“On the day of the procession, I left at 7 in the morning to get a seat, because the procession left at 9 am. I got there early because it was worth it. When the Lord went out into the whole square, which was full of people, there was silence. When the Lord passed by where I was, I took some pictures of him with my mobile, I didn’t take the camera with me because I was lazy. Then I uploaded them to my Instagram and Facebook account, signed, because there are those who take the photos without permission. And then I went to work”Fernandez said in conversation with the Catholic media ‘ACI prensa’.

Fernandez says that his partner called him and told him to turn his cell phone to see the face in detail.

When he did, he was ‘in shock’.

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“There, really, my hair stood on end. But how is this? I know it is a cloud, obviously it is, but I am a believer and nature is made by God and God has many ways of manifesting himself, in art, in music, in everything … And whoever wants to believe that he believes ”, expressed to the religious milieu.

The photographs have been around the world and some believers have stated that it is the presence of God visible thanks to the procession.

“It gave me the creeps. What a photon ”and “God on earth and God in heaven in Seville! As you say, that each one thinks what they want, but there is no more blind than the one who does not want to see “ are some comments from Internet users.

The photo of the cloud in the shape of the supposed face of the ‘creator’ has more than 400 reactions, 102 comments and has been shared more than 1,100 times.

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Why do faces ‘appear’ in the clouds?

A study conducted by the University of New South Wales and published in the journal ‘Psychological Science’ explains why our brain is capable of forming faces, figures or adding some meaning to clouds or any other object.

The researchers mention that this effect is produced by pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon developed by humans as a defense system during thousands of years of evolution.

Moreover, according to what the study said, humans have a specific area in the brain for face recognition: the fusiform facial area (AFF).

“Our brain has evolved to facilitate social interaction and this influences the way we see the world around us. There is an evolutionary advantage in being really good or really efficient at detecting faces; it is important to us socially.” said Colin Palmer, the research scientist.

“It is also relevant for detecting predators. But it is observed that we have evolved to be so good at detecting faces that this can generate false positives, like when you see faces that are not really there. However, it is better to have a system that is too sensitive than one that is not, “he added.

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