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Google TV could have its first major update that would include interesting news after its arrival on smart TVs from companies like Xiaomi or TCL.

The arrival of Google TV surprised many people, and that is because Google had not announced that Android TV would go on to a better life. They may not have warned about the fact that this update, apart from integrating new features, would be applied to Android TV to give it a better interface.

The main and most noticeable change was the design section. Google TV landed like a bucket of fresh water for all televisions and devices with the Google operating system. The improvements were many, but what changed the most was the way everything was organized and the aesthetics.

After having left an interface up to the task, now what Google has proposed is to ensure that Google TV is full of interesting new features and, in addition, useful features for any type of user. And, it is that, those of Mountain View have understood that the television can be a control center.

And that is why they would have started working on a series of features and additions that would allow control of smart devices from the television itself. It is not something new, in fact, companies like Samsung or LG already do it on their smart TVs and, the truth is, it is something quite successful.

The new Chromecast comes with many improvements, such as 4K resolution and a completely new interface. It’s officially on sale now.

Of course, adding controls to manage smart home appliances would not be the only thing Google would be working on. They could also add features aimed at monitoring the health of users using applications such as Google Fit and, of course, the purchase of Fitbit.

at the moment noor there are exact dates for these new changes and additions, so the only thing we can do is keep an eye on the movements of those from Mountain View regarding Google TV and the different services that could be integrated into the interface for smart TVs.

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