Adorable New Official Kirby and the Forgotten Land Artwork

We get an interesting gallery that has been published recently and is related to one of the most outstanding titles of the future catalog of the hybrid console. This time we are talking about Kirby and the Forgotten Land and a new set of official arts.

Nintendo has recently shared them and in them it shows us various character arts Kirby and the Forgotten Land. We leave them below:

Nintendo’s cute and mighty pink hero, Kirby, returns in Kirby and the Forgotten Land in this story, where he’ll show off new skills in a 3D platform adventure filled with color, surprises, wild nature and Waddle Dees to give and take! have! It will be available for the Nintendo Switch family of systems shortly: on March 25, 2022, so players eager to embark on this new adventure will not have to wait long to enjoy it.

Kirby is a specialist in inhaling air, so he is in for his dream job when he arrives in an unknown land and discovers that the Waddle Dees are being kidnapped in droves by the pack. To rescue his friends, Kirby sets out on a journey with the curious Elfilin, whom he meets in the new world. Users can get a glimpse of the adventure that awaits them in Kirby and the Forgotten Land in the new trailer for the game.

The story of this Kirby

In this sprawling adventure, players can use a wide variety of Kirby’s abilities to battle enemies and travel through these vivid 3D worlds. This place where nature and past civilization have merged includes a series of areas full of platforming challenges. As players set off to free the Waddle Dees, who are held captive at the finish point at the end of each level, it doesn’t hurt to explore every corner and rescue as many as they can along the way.

The pack will present quite a challenge, so along with the iconic copy abilities come new additions to Kirby’s repertoire: the Drill and Scout copy abilities. The Drill makes it possible for him to burrow into the ground and attack enemies from below with a massive slam. Enemies will soon be seeing stars when Kirby unleashes the Scout copy ability, which allows players to shoot at a distant enemy.

Kirby can also share the limelight in this adventure, as a second player can join the journey as Waddle Dee handkerchief. Players can launch a variety of attacks using their spear and can quickly jump into two-player co-op* on the same console by sharing a Joy-Con controller.

3D Adventure

Kirby and the Forgotten Land also introduces the City of Waddle Dees, which is the central focus of the adventure. The town will develop more and more based on the number of Waddle Dees rescued. Different stores will open and players will be able to enjoy some of their citizens’ favorite games. Kirby can even lend a hand at the Waddle Dee cafeteria. Players must quickly prepare customer orders to keep them satisfied and earn high scores. Wise Waddle Dee can also be found in Waddle Dee Town, offering helpful advice. By going online, you can learn details based on global data from game users, such as the total number of Waddle Dees that have been rescued around the world or the most popular copy skill currently.**

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the Kirby series, and a wallpaper for the occasion can be downloaded here:

Kirby and the Forgotten Land will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 25. Returning and new characters, copy abilities, new gameplay mechanics and colorful locations can be seen in the new trailer available on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.


What do you think? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments. Finally, you can also find our full coverage of this game, which launches in spring 2022 with no specific date yet, here.


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