What is wordl? This is the word game that sweeps Twitter and the Internet

The Christmas holidays have helped this 2022 to start with new games on the table. Or, in this case, on our mobile phone. And it is that in the first bars of this new year a new viral game, who has trapped more than two million users, becoming viran the social networks as Twitter y Facebook

It is a game that is born from an idea of Josh Wardle, a ‘software’ engineer. This is Wordle’s ideologue, whose title stems from a pun on his own surname, which prompted him to liven up the days of confinement during the coronavirus pandemic.

The game that was born from an idea by Josh Wardle, a ‘software’ engineer


As he says in The New York Times, it went from being a game that shared with their relatives via WhatsApp to count on 90 players in the month of November 2021.

What is wordl?

This new viral game has crossword format, with five squares that form a word that must be guessed in six attempts. Wordle consists of deducing the five letters of a word no clues. After a first attempt, the program warn with different colors if one of the chosen letters is not in the word.

In this way, the gray squares if the letters that have been chosen they are not part of the suggested word. If they are in it, but in a different position, will appear in yellow. while it will be in verde if the letters have been placed in the place corresponds to them.

The game consists of deducing the five letters of a word without clues.


The user has a total of six attempts to guess the word. Once the puzzle has been solved, you will not have the option to play again until you have past 24 hours.

No own app

Unlike similar games, Wordle does not present its own application for Android or iOS, but to access it is necessary to do it through a Web page. This, in addition, has no advertising and its results can be share on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, which is why it has become a viral title.

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