With these 4 applications you will be able to know if your Wi-Fi is being stolen

Wi-Fi networks on a mobile device. (photo: Watch How It’s Done)

A network Wi-Fi it has become a set of connected devices. phones, tablets, televisions, plugs and light bulbs connected, home appliances, robot vacuum cleaners and many more. It’s hard to know how many devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi. In addition, it does not take into account any intruders who access your network without permission.

Thanks to the apps of network analyzers you can know what devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi network, organize them better and why not, identify Wi-Fi thieves to block them from the network. You can use them from your own smartphone and scan in seconds.

4 apps to check if your Wi-Fi is being stolen

If you want to know more about your Wi-Fi network without going through a router, we offer you 4 mobile applications that you can install on your iPhone Y Android.

With them, your connected devices will be listed so you can better manage them and block the ones you don’t want on your network.

1. Network Analyzer

First of all, Network Analyzer. This app has a great combination of network analysis tools, available on iPhone and Android useful for any device connected to your Wi-Fi. Speed ​​analysis, port scan and more.

Depending on what you have, this app allows you to see the devices connected to the local Wi-Fi network. Specifically, you’ll see a list of local IP addresses, device and/or manufacturer names, MAC addresses, and other information of interest that you’ll find in their individual data sheets.

Network Analyzer can also be useful for analyze all nearby Wi-Fi networks to know which one is the most optimal, detect incompatibilities and/or know if your connection is secure.

Network Analyzer. (foto: Google Play)
Network Analyzer. (foto: Google Play)

2. Wi-Fiman

Although its flagship function is to analyze the speed and ping of your Wi-Fi connection, Wi-Fiman is a mobile application that allows you to know more about your wireless network. In other words, hee will display a list of devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network that you connected your iPhone or Android phone to.

In addition to the speed, you will get complete information about your Wi-Fi network: security level, channel and distance, clients connected to the network. At the same time, in the connected devices section you will see them sorted and categorized. In addition, you will have a data sheet of each one that includes useful data such as the IP or MAC address.

Wi-Fiman is also used for create a signal map so you can find the best channels to get all available Wi-Fi signals or where your Wi-Fi router or extender is located.

WiFiman. (foto: Redes Zone)
WiFiman. (foto: Redes Zone)

3. Fing

Fing is a veteran network scanner that has gotten much better over the years. First, it will help you scan devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone. It works with iPhone and Android, but also with Windows and macOS.

You will see the discovered devices, their local IP and, in some cases, the model and/or manufacturer of the device and its MAC. By importing each device file, you will see more information related to each device and so you can tell the difference between your connected device and the unknown device.

But Fing can do more than that. To get started, check the latency and internet speed of your Wi-Fi network. Scan NetBIOS, UPnP, SNMP, Bonjour and other connections and standards. Also, you can scan ports, find DNS, among others.

caught (photo: Fing)
caught (photo: Fing)

4. WeeNet

Exclusively for Android, WeeNet analyzes your Wi-Fi network in different ways. Supports NetBios, UPnP, Bonjour, Ping, TraceRoute, WHOIS, and DNS, among others.

This app can analyze the network itself, search for nearby Wi-Fi networks, and/or show you a list of devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone. This way you will see your network name, IP address and other information of interest if you visit your data sheet.

In a nutshell, with WeeNet you will find the best place to put your Wi-Fi network, it will detect all connected devices and finally, find intruders and Wi-Fi thieves to block them from your router.

WeeNet. (foto: XDA Developers)
WeeNet. (foto: XDA Developers)


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