Youtube for Android is testing the controversial functionality

After months of testing, Google has started to offer a new feature for the Android YouTube app. The new feature is called smart downloads.

As its name suggests, it proposes to automatically download videos on the user’s smartphone. A feature will definitely separate the ideas, especially among those with less storage equipment.

Youtube will determine which videos you like and download them automatically

The innovation, now introduced in the Youtube app for Android, is available in Europe for all premium users of the service. Other markets are still waiting for this release.

With smart downloads, the Youtube app will download 20 videos per week to the user’s smartphone. The video is selected by an algorithm based on user preferences.

All transfers will be made through a WiFi connection to avoid incurring additional costs in users’ data plans. Therefore, it aims to prepare content that can be used even offline.

How users receive smart downloads is directly related to the consistency of their algorithm. It all depends on the downloaded content and whether it effectively meets the user’s preferences.

Google used the same algorithm on YouTube Music. User feedback on this platform was positive and augured well for its relocation to regular YouTube use.

However, this can be a frustrating feature for anyone with a smartphone with limited storage. With 20 videos downloaded per week, availability is likely to run out quickly.

In an attempt to resolve this issue, Google will use alert notifications when available internal memory is exhausted. A warning will be issued before the video download process begins.

If you are interested in using this new feature, you can go to Settings and try new features. Downloaded content will be available on your Downloads page.

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