Nvidia 511.23 welcomes God of War, and more news

Nvidia accelerates the development of its graphics drivers, with the release of Game Ready 511.23 WHQL.

Nvidia 511.23: New drivers focused on God of War, and more news

This new driver Game Ready provides the best gaming experience for God of War, which receives the latest technologies from the green team, such as support for DLSS and also for Reflex, so gamers can improve performance and reduce input latency.

Also, this new driver is giving us the compatibility with the latest titles and updates like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Hitman III, The Anacrusis, GRIT y Monster Hunter Rise.

New features and other changes

  • Support for Windows 11 Dynamic Refresh Rate has been added.
  • Support for CUDA 11.6 has been added.
  • The NVIDIA OpenCL driver has added support for the new interim extension specifications released by Khronos.
  • The new OpenCL compiler technology has been added as an optional feature.
  • Nvidia DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution) support is added.

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Fixed issues

  • Text flickering/disappearing occurs when using 12-bit color. [3358884]
  • Random flickering occurs at the top of the screen when using desktop applications. [3427298]
  • On multi-monitor setups, the screen may randomly flash black.[3405228]
  • [Detroit Become Human]: Random stutters/freezes occur in the game. [3389250]
  • [HDR] [G-Sync]: Mouse pointer gets stuck after enabling HDR from Windows Control Panel or after enabling G-Sync from NVIDIA Control Panel. [200762998]

You can download these new drivers from the Nvidia support page.

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