iOS 15 is already installed on 63% of devices, and iPadOS 15 on almost 50%

The company of the famous chewed apple that we know as Apple, has published that the current version of its operating system for iPhone, iOS 15, is already installed on 63% of devices.

The information was released in apple developer website where it was also reported that iPadOS 15 already covers almost 50% of devices.

According to the figures, at the moment 72% of the iPhones introduced to the market in the last four years already operate with iOS 15, a considerable step, but which is still behind iOS 14 whose installation rate was 81% approximately a year ago. anus.

Now, as for iPads, 40% of them are already running iPadOS 15, while 57% of devices four years and older are running the latest version of the operating system.

But, 37% of iPads continue to run on iPadOS 14, while 14% are running an older version of the operating system.

This small drop in numbers is believed to be related to Apple no longer requiring users to update to the latest version of the operating system to receive the latest security updates, which could be contributing to this decline in adoption rate.

Similarly, Apple shows that it continues to retain one of its main advantages over its main competition: Not having fragmentation between versions of its operating systems.

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