GTA The Trilogy is updated on Nintendo Switch to version 1.05 improving performance, fixing bugs and adding fog to San Andreas

GTA The Trilogy is experiencing a very busy first few weeks. The long-awaited compilation that includes GTA III, GTA Vice City y GTA San Andreas It has come with certain bugs and aspects for improvement on all platforms.

Rockstar has already apologized for such a bumpy launch, and is now working to fix the bugs, bugs, and performance issues de Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: Definitive Edition.

Days ago we told you that update 1.03 was already available, and shortly after a revision of it arrived. Guess what? The GTA The Trilogy version 1.05.

You may not have downloaded it yet, as Rockstar released this patch during the past dawn on Nintendo Switch. GTA The Trilogy thus improves its performance, resolution and graphics options.

Through the official GTA The Trilogy sub-forum on Reddit, we can see different opinions on how the update works. Most agree that the resolution, textures, graphic effects and more.

According to this information, GTA Vice City is the best looking of the three games, with new fps improvements and lighting effects at night. The classic sound for the menus has also been rescued, and we can remove white outlines when aiming.

Another player comments that GTA Vice City too has improved the textures of the modeling, and it is a delight to play it on the OLED Switch. Another that has also received some changes is GTA San Andreas.

Mainly, Rockstar has fixed one of the most criticized points of San Andreas Definitive Edition: the fog. Now everything looks bigger than it is again, with a haze covering all mapping seen from the heights.

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Everything indicates that GTA San Andreas has also improved its performance, bugs, and even there is talk of a new graphic mode. It may not be as impressive a change as in Vice City, but there is a substantial improvement.

Update 1.05. already is available for download in GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. As for GTA III, players haven’t seen any major changes, beyond better performance.

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