Get Warhammer Vermintide for free

Get Warhammer Vermintide for free
Get Warhammer Vermintide for free

If you are reading this, it is probably because you like free games, or because you would simply like to take the opportunity to get Warhammer Vermintide, an opportunity that if it were you, I would not miss (especially if you have some friends to play with). In case you have never even heard of this title, I leave you the analysis that we have on our page. And I am not wasting any more time, that unfortunately, we have a small guide to follow to carry this out.

Get a Warhammer Vermintide Steam Key by following these simple steps

These processes are sometimes simple, and other times they require a few steps, as is the case with today’s free title. Fortunately it is not a really complicated process, so pay attention:

  • The first thing to do is follow the following link, which will take you to the Fanatical page, the place where Warhammer: End Times is being given away – Vermintide – Get password
  • Once on the page they can choose create an account, or login using Facebook or Google
  • After doing this, must yes or yes check where it says “Please, subscribe to Fanatical’s email newsletter” (This is for you to get news by mail about new offers and others) and click on Add to Cart(Add to cart)
  • Finally they must press where it says Proceed to Checkout (order) and connect a Steam account on which they have spent at least € 5

Before you start to draw your torches with the intention of setting me on fire for this mini tutorial, remember that I am simply a messenger, and that processes like this were adopted to prevent a horde of bot accounts from getting all the keys. The most important thing is that they claim it as soon as possible, since This offer will conclude this Tuesday, November 30.

If it’s any use, Fanatical (previously known as Bundle Stars) is a trusted site where I have bought games on a good number of occasions, and that has Bundles of games at the price of demolition.

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