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An event has been announced to officially present the POCO M4 Pro 5G phone, of which some of its characteristics are known thanks to having passed through various official bodies.

In mid-2021, the POCO M3 Pro was launched, a very affordable 5G mobile that offered us an alternative with good connectivity. It seemed to us a remarkable motive in our analysis.

Now, The brand has announced a launch event to showcase the POCO M4 Pro 5G, the next version of this mobile saga. The event in question can be seen from anywhere in the world, but it is scheduled for 8:00 AM (Beijing time), which would be two in the morning in our country.

Thanks to its recent passing through the FCC, we may have some of the technical details of this phone. We do not have much data, but below we tell you what we know.

Its connectivity, in addition to be 5G, it will have Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC. Two variants of the product have also been detailed, one with 4/64 GB of storage and the other with 6/128 GB.

One of the points that have been revealed is that its fast charge would be 33 W, being superior to that of its predecessor, the M3 Pro, which remained at 18 W. There is not much more to say officially regarding the specifications, although there are some rumors about its processor, which could be a MediaTek Dimensity 700.

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From what we also see in the certificate that we have left above, it seems that it will have a headphone jack. Too will have GPS, Glonass, BDS and Galileo coverage.

We can’t know much more for sure about the POCO M4 Pro 5G. It will have been raised for the Asian and European market, so the launch event should give us much more information about it.

For now it’s time to wait for November 9. Meanwhile, we wonder if they will be able to keep the price of the POCOs below 200 euros, as has been the general trend of these models. There is not much left to know.


POCO Pro Announced Market Launch Technology

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