DJI Action 2, the mini GoPro with magnetic modules to the test

DJI Action 2, the mini GoPro with magnetic modules to the test
DJI Action 2, the mini GoPro with magnetic modules to the test

DJI has surprised with its new DJI Action 2 action camera. A camera that brings together many new features and, especially, a clever modular system of accessories that makes it unique.

The first DJI Osmo Action wanted to compete with the popular GoPro by including a small front screen to be able to monitor itself in the selfie videos.

But the second generation has been much more ambitious. So much so that it has totally changed its design, redefining the way we can use an adventure camera.

The main module includes the camera with a 155-degree ultra-wide lens, a 1.7-inch square touchscreen, the microprocessor, the battery, and the internal storage. Everything you need to start recording.

The DJI Action 2 adventure camera launches a groundbreaking and very versatile design designed for all types of creative video recordings

In many ways it is similar to the DJI Pocket, the pocket camera with a built-in gimbal. Similar recording modes and interface. But the Action 2, as its name suggests, is designed for more hectic situations such as sports or adventure travel.

The modular system allows you to add with a very solid magnetic attachment, an extra battery, storage through micro SD cards and even an additional screen to be able to self-frame.

It has electronic image stabilization and other aids to improve video recording. Of course, the stabilization is not as good as that of the Pocket gimbal. But of course, you can’t have everything.

The price of the DJI Action 2 is € 399 for the battery combo version and € 519 for the display battery combo.

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DJI Action mini GoPro magnetic modules test

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