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Multiversus: Harley, Shaggy or Gandalf are featured in a leaked photo of Warner’s game

Multiversus: Harley, Shaggy or Gandalf are featured in a leaked photo of Warner’s game
Multiversus: Harley, Shaggy or Gandalf are featured in a leaked photo of Warner’s game

Can you imagine a fighting game in which Bugs Bunny kicks the Joker in the ass? Or that Gandalf and Harley Quinn get into a fight worthy of martial arts? Well, it seems that Warner Bros. has been ahead of you: the company seems to be preparing Multiversus, a Smash Bros.-like game in which the characters from their franchises come together to face each other. While yesterday we talked about the project being free, today we woke up knowing what could be its first image: the character template is shown, which includes precisely Harley, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Gandalf, Superman … or even Rick from Rick and morty.

Multiversus, the wacky fighting game from Warner Bros.

In the image you have shared

, that you can see on these lines, we can see what will be the supposed character selector: in the boxes we find the image of all kinds of protagonists, from the Looney Tunes until The Lord of the Rings, of course through DC Comics or other properties such as Scooby Doo O Rick and morty. But there is more.

In another image, which has been removed, the user

has also shared the following: the cast will also include protagonists of Steven Universe, Adventure Time… along with Wonder Woman, Superman or Tom and Jerry. This user has also posted a video that has been deleted. However, we leave you with his original tweet under these lines where you can see listed the properties that a priori will be part of the game.

From the Looney Tunes to DC Comics

The thing, also, still does not end here: these will be the first characters confirmed to be part of the game. But Warner Bros. has plans to continue expanding the roster over time, adding more fighters from its properties. Rumors indicate that Multiversus may receive future characters in the form of DLC, and basketball player LeBron James will be one of them.

It is not the first time that the major has made its characters coincide in a single product: let’s remember that LEGO Dimensions allows us to enjoy LEGO The Movie combined with Batman, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, the Gremlins O los Goonies. At the moment, we will have to wait to know the future details of this project that seems to be already capturing all eyes.

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