Little Devil Inside, Star Ocean, Death’s Door y más

Announcement night. Sony has celebrated a new State of Play focused on previously announced or previously unreleased games to be released on PS4 and PS5 by third-party companies. The first of the revelations has been Deathverse: Let It Die, a title that will arrive on both consoles during the year 2022 presenting a survival contest that has captivated the entire world. The multiplayer action survival game with melee combat has seen its first trailer with gameplay material:

The next title to offer news has been We Are OFK, a game based on the indie pop group that promises to tell the life of four friends in their twenties who try to make their way into the music industry while falling in love and breaking their hearts. Players will have to experience how they manage to pay the rent and make art in Los Angeles in this proposal that will arrive in 2022 on PlayStation 5.

Bugsnax: The Isle Of Bigsnax announced for PS4 and PS5

Another of the new announcements of the State of Play has been Bugsnax: The Isle Of Bigsnax, a new adventure that will come to PS4 and PS5 set in a new and mysterious land full of giant Bugsnax. The game promises to feature new challenges, decorations to customize your own cabin, and hats to customize the Bugsnax. The title will be available in early 2022.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach now has a release date

The next news has been to quote the players with Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, which will arrive on PS5 on December 16. The title will not suffer further delays and has finally been shown in a new trailer full of scares and disturbing characters that will give the players some scares.

For its part, Death’s Door It will arrive on both PS4 and PS5 on November 23. The platform adventure proposes players to recover their souls stolen by a thief who must be desperately chased through a kingdom where death does not exist and where creatures never expire.

KartRider: Drift has been another of the announcements of the State of Play. The free game is a cross-platform game that combines arcade excitement and higher speed drift competitions with extensive kart and character customization. Billed as a dynamic online game, it will receive additional content on a regular basis with major updates every season.

KOF XV will have a beta on PS4 and PS5

The King of Fighters XV has announced the celebration of an open beta on both PS4 and PS5 in which players will be able to choose between 8 characters, including the latest addition, Dolores. KOF XV will have online modes such as Casual Combat or Room Combat and has anticipated players to November 20 to enjoy this test.

First Class Trouble to debut included on PS Plus

One of the biggest surprises of the event has been the announcement of the launch date of First Class Trouble, which will be next November 2 on both PS4 and PS5 as part of the free PS Plus games in the month of November. The proposal is for 6 players who enter the game together, but two of them are two personoid rogues who secretly try to prevent the residents from escaping.

A new Star Ocean will land on PlayStation consoles in 2022

Square Enix and developer Tri-Ace have presented the latest installment in the RPG Star Ocean saga with a story that will mix fantasy and science fiction environments. Star Ocean: The Divine Force will feature a plethora of playable characters, side stories, and a unique battle system to deliver exciting combat through simple and instinctive controls. The title will arrive on PS4 and PS5 in 2022.

Little Devil Inside is shown in great detail

To end the State of Play tonight has been shown “in depth” Little Devil Inside, the title that was confirmed at the event. His staging has surprised by wearing something different from what had been shown in the past. Also, the look of the map of your world has been revealed where you can find different characters and events.

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