Samsung will allow you to play on your Smart TV without the need for hardware thanks to the cloud

Samsung will allow you to play on your Smart TV without the need for hardware thanks to the cloud
Samsung will allow you to play on your Smart TV without the need for hardware thanks to the cloud

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The cloud gaming market is in a premature stage, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer good experiences. In fact, there are a lot of companies betting heavily on this industry and today Samsung has just announced that it will venture into it with an ambitious project.

Today the Samsung Developer Conference 2021 (SDC21) was held and in it the South Korean company revealed several interesting projects, one of them is related to video games and the cloud. In its presentation, Samsung revealed its intentions to venture into cloud gaming with a new gaming platform that would bring video games to a large audience.

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Samsung will allow you to play video games on your televisions through the cloud

Like other proposals of the genre, this new Samsung platform seeks to allow users to play without having to buy high-end hardware (consoles or video cards), but instead they could enjoy the best experience on televisions.

This would be possible thanks to the processing power in the cloud, so that the television would only be in charge of receiving the signal and displaying it at the same time that it sends the information that the player enters through the controls. Also, this platform will use Tyzen, an operating system based on Lynux.

According to Samsung, TVs with Tyzen are the ones that lead the streaming industry and the technology is incorporated in a lot of devices of daily life.

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When will Samsung’s cloud gaming platform be available?

According to the information, Samsung is working on this project “to diversify your selection of games on Samsung Smart TVs” and anticipated that it will offer “an immersive and fluid gaming experience.”

Samsung let see that it has very ambitious projects in relation to Tyzen beyond its video game platform, but unfortunately it did not offer more details about its new service, so we will have to wait to know the proposal.

No release date or window was disclosed, but Samsung said users could enjoy it “soon.” Then we leave you with the announcement, which you can see from the 25:20 mark.

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