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We have received some curious information related to one of the most prominent Nintendo franchises. We are talking in this case of Animal Crossing.

One of the most anticipated novelties of the Animal Crossing Direct on October 15 was the Figaro cafeteria. Throughout the titles of the saga this has had different mechanics and uses. Below you can see how it has been differentiating in each of the games.

As we could see in the presentation of the cafeteria in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the cafeteria will be located up the stairs of the museum. There players could have a cup of coffee accompanied by neighbors thanks to amiibo cards or with other players online.

Figaro and his coffee debuted in Animal Crossing: Wild World In 2005, this was located in the basement of the museum and served the added function of hosting the Totakeke concerts which we can enjoy in the plaza in New Horizons.

The main differences between the cafeteria of Wild World y Let´s Go to the City are that other neighbors could also come to enjoy coffee and Figaro allows the Gyroid storage.

On Animal Crossing: New Leaf this was located in an isolated building and Totakeke did not give his concerts there. This fulfilled a different role, since the player could work in it part-time serving the neighbors who came according to their tastes.

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Differences Figaros cafeteria Animal Crossing titles Nintenderos

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