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Most of the people who have played Metroid Dread say that the game is very good, but what if you are not one of those people and for some reason you do not trust those people? Well now you can just download part of the game for free and try it out for yourself.

Nintendo, who must have woken up this morning thinking it was 1999 and that this was still a totally normal and common thing to happen in this business, just announced the surprise move on their website:

This Halloween, dress up as Samus Aran and see what happens at night on planet ZDR with a fun bite of the Metroid ™ Dread game. Download the free demo now from or Nintendo eShop on your device!

Experience the overwhelming isolation of a remote alien world, face a relentless mechanical threat, and fight your way through a section of what Shacknews calls “a sci-fi blast of brilliance that fans and newcomers are likely to enjoy.”

If you need more Metroid Dread in your candy bucket, you can pick up the full set today.

I’m really digging this resurgence in demos! Long ignored, if not blatantly despised by publishers, you’ve been able to download a ton of really good demos from the eShop over the last year, for games like Age of Calamity, Monster Hunter Rise, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, and Yoshi’s. Crafted World.

However, there hasn’t been one for a game of this high profile, or one as critically acclaimed, so if this is a sign that Nintendo is increasingly willing to let people try a great game rather than just wait / hope that ‘I’ll spend $ 60 on it, so that’s great.

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If you haven’t played Metroid Dread yet and want to try the demo, it’s out now and available on the eShop or by following this link on the Nintendo site.


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