Can’t you decide? You can now try the Metroid Dread demo on Switch

Can’t you decide? You can now try the Metroid Dread demo on Switch
Can’t you decide? You can now try the Metroid Dread demo on Switch

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The holiday season is just around the corner and the Switch is expected to be one of the best-selling products in major markets for the fifth year in a row. Hence, Nintendo’s promotional campaign is already advancing on different fronts and today it has given something to talk about with Metroid Dread, the new installment of the franchise, which you can now try on your Nintendo Switch.

There is no excuse, you can already try Metroid Dread en tu Switch

As you read it, a few moments ago the official Nintendo of America account on Twitter announced that the demo of Metroid Dread It is now available for download on the Switch eShop. According to the publication and information on the official site, the availability of the demo is related to the proximity of Halloween, since it is known that the next few days will be of celebration and relaxation for many, so a good idea could be try Samus’s new adventure.

Following an unexpected announcement at E3 2021, Metroid Dread debuted a few weeks ago to rave reviews and a remarkable commercial performance for the franchise as it remained in the top spots for several days. In addition, Metroid Dread boosted sales of previous installments, specifically those that are still available digitally for Wii U and 3DS, reviving interest in Samus Aran’s history in gaming.

Metroid Dread It is available on Switch and in this link you will find all the related information.

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