Google users will be able to modify search results to protect minors

Google users will be able to modify search results to protect minors
Google users will be able to modify search results to protect minors


27 oct 2021 20:27 GMT

The new tool allows minors or their representatives to request the company to remove the photos in which the minor appears from the search results.

Google has launched a tool that allows minors, their parents or legal representatives request to the company that the photos in which the minors appear are eliminated from the search results, pick The Verge. The new feature was announced in August along with recent restrictions on advertising directed at minors depending on their age, gender, hobbies and activity on the Internet.

The company facilitated an online form with which applicants can put the URL of the image they want to remove, the search term that leads to the photo, as well as the name and age of the minor and the applicant’s personal data that justifies their request (the relationship or representation child’s legal status).

The controversy arises about how Google is going to make its decisions on each of the requests, since the criteria to be applied are not explicitly defined. In this regard, the company states that all images of minors will be removed “except in cases of special public or journalistic interest.”

Furthermore, Google’s statements imply that only requests for those users who have not reached the age of 18 when resorting to the new tool.

However, the company emphasizes that after removing the image from the search results, the photo will not disappear from the Internet, so it encourages future applicants to go directly to the website where the image is hosted.

The new role also covers intimate photos published without the consent of the victim, fake pornographic videos (‘deepfakes’) e Private information, such as the address, telephone number or medical and financial information.


Google users modify search results protect minors

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