This is the 12th generation of Intel processors. What’s new? • ENTER.CO

This is the 12th generation of Intel processors. What’s new? • ENTER.CO
This is the 12th generation of Intel processors. What’s new? • ENTER.CO

This morning Intel will present its 12th generation of desktop processors: Intel’s Alder Lake line.

Six new processors that will start this 12th generation were presented at the event. At the event, the company highlighted the new architecture that, among other things, promises a greater mix and efficiency of its 86 cores. In short, the biggest change is in the distinction between Performance Cores (or Performannce Cores, in English), which are optimized to take on tasks that require few threads. On the other hand, the Efficiency Cores are designed to take on tasks that require multiple threads.

Support on the 12th generation of Intel processors

The new generation of Intel processors is designed to support DDR5 and PCIe Gen 5 RAM, Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6E.

Bad news for those with Z590 or earlier motherboards. The reason is that the new processors use an LGA 1700 port. This would be one of the most important differences compared to the 11th generation, which had a port

How much will the 12th generation of processors?

The cap for new processors starts at $ 564 with the Core i9-12900KF. This processor has 16 cores (eight E and eight P), 24 thread processors and speeds of up to 5.2GHz. In the same vein, the i9-12900K follows, which differs by having an Intel UHD 770 graphics processor and comes at a price of $ 589. This last detail is vital, because the addition of the F in the 12th generation nomenclature indicates that it does not have an integrated graphics processor.

The next processors in the Alder Lake lineup are the i7-12700K and i7-12700KF, for $ 409 and $ 384, respectively. The entry point is the i5-12600K and 12600KF processors, priced at $ 289 and $ 264. The processors will begin to be on sale in international markets from November 4.

According to Intel, the 12th generation of processors might be the best for gaming. Intel presented the performance of its three categories. The tests presented in the table below were performed with Windows 11 Pro and a 1080p resolution, so the results will obviously have to be confirmed by those who can first get their hands on the new family of processors.

Images: Intel and screenshots


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