Twitter finally opened Spaces for everyone: how they work

10-22-2021 The audio spaces are extended to any user. RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY TWITTER SPACES

There are only two months and a few more days to say “goodbye” to 2021, and the main digital platforms have begun to uncover some of their most important letters to surprise all their users. Example of this is Twitter and its latest announcement about Spaces, one of the most important tools of this social network.

According to the ‘blue bird’ company, from now on all its users will be able to enjoy the creation of a Space, regardless of the number of followers they have or the mobile operating system from which they wish to create it.

“The time has come: now we are implementing the ability for everyone on iOS and Android to host a space if it is the first time they host it, welcome!”, Wrote Twitter through his official Spaces account on his social network .

It should be remembered that the Twitter “spaces” started as a competition for the ClubHouse sound rooms in November 2020. However, for a user to be able to enjoy this option from the role of host, they must have at least 600 followers, which of course clearly limited the audience that could create a space within the platform.

“Based on what we’ve learned so far, these accounts are likely to have a good experience generating live conversations, due to their existing audience. Before offering the possibility of creating a Space to everyone, we are focusing on learning more, to facilitate the discovery of the Spaces and help people to enjoy them with a large audience”, Explained Twitter through an official statement issued at the beginning of May when the number of followers that a profile had to have in order to create an audio space was reduced to 600.

Although many experts have criticized the company for its delay in implementing this tool in a general way (it was expected to be ready for all Internet users last April), the truth is that users have been satisfied with the implementation of ‘Spaces’ for all and it is expected that in the coming weeks the number of audio rooms will increase considerably on the Twitter platform.


For those who frequently use Twitter, they will have noticed that instead of the ‘Fleets’ (Stories) at the top of the screen, a series of purple circles began to be seen that denote the existence of a audio room and live chat.

The person who appears in said bubble is the host of the space, although when entering the profile photos of all the people who collaborate as ‘speakers’ or ‘panelists’ as well as those of those users who participate as listeners.


1. Either on Android or iOS, all you have to do is press the icon ‘New Tweet’ represented by a white feather with a plus sign (+) next to it.

2. Immediately a list will be displayed in which, in addition to the option to write a new tweet, three more options will also appear: the inclusion of a GIF, a photo or a Space; for this case import this last tool.

3. Now you just have to follow the instructions given on the screen, such as allowing the use of the cell phone’s microphone and adding a name for the space.

It should be remembered that whoever creates the audio room is the ‘god’ for the duration of the conversation in it. The host has the power to decide what will be the topics to be addressed, in addition to giving the floor in the middle of a debate. He will also have the power to silence the speakers, block them or remove them from the Space, as long as the situation warrants such action.


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