Hackers are stealing payments from some streamers and Twitch washes its hands

The controversy over Twitch’s security returns shortly after a major leak that exposed the source code, payments, and more. This time, hackers have not only been able to access the account of several streamers, but have managed to scam them by changing the partner’s payment method. The company, for its part, washes its hands, since the payment is done correctly.

“Upon investigation, it appears that the payments were sent to the chosen method of payment. The Twitch helpdesk cannot recover or reissue payments paid or settled correctly, “the company responded to Killadelphia, a streamer with fewer than 10,000 followers, when contacting them after someone entered their account and changed the billing address. to a third party PayPal account.

This same situation is reported by other streamers such as

, or EliteJonas1, and they question whether or not it could be related to the leak of a few days ago.

Twitch’s response appears to be limited to directing cases to technical support, where they are told there is no possible solution, beyond change password and enable two-step authentication. Which did not prevent them from being robbed at first. I can’t use that for anything I need help to get the money back for which I worked on my own PayPal account. $ 347 is a lot for a little streamer… ”commented EliteJonas1 after the standard response from the Twitch support account on Twitter.

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At the moment, it seems that this fact has been isolated and has only affected several small streamers, but concerns the security of the platform after two controversies in such a short time. At the moment there has been no official response to these cases of theft.

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