The Core i9-12900K can exceed 400W when overclocked to 5.3GHz

Several weeks ago we have been hearing different rumors about the high consumption that the Core i9-12900K will have when overclocking, and the first tests with different levels of overclocking came to light that reveal what to expect in this regard. Apparently, the situation will be even worse than we expected, and it will be impossible to cool this processor above 5.2GHz.

As revealed by a Chinese user in the Bilibili forum, raising the high-performance cores to 5.3GHz with 1.44v and leaving the high-efficiency cores in the car, the CPU consumes more than 400W in the stress test with AVX from AIDA64, turning off by excess of temperature in less than a minute still introducing the radiator in ice water.

Previously, the same user tried disabling the high-efficiency cores and overclocking the high-performance cores to 5.2GHz with 1,385V, and in this case the consumption was 330W, which is somewhat more manageable for high-end liquid cooling systems. Even so, it is an excessive consumption so it will take a motherboard with a solid VRM to work at these frequencies without problems.

The Core i9-12900K will be announced alongside the rest of the Alder Lake line on October 27, hitting the market on November 4, the same day their reviews will be out, so it’s not too long to see them in action. We will surely see more details about their consumption once they are circulating, so stay tuned to HD Tecnología for more news.

What do you think about the high consumption of the Core i9-12900K? Is it something that works against when choosing a CPU?


Core i912900K exceed #400W overclocked #53GHz

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