Razer enters the hardware market with its liquid Hanbo and Katana font

Razer enters the hardware market with its liquid Hanbo and Katana font
Razer enters the hardware market with its liquid Hanbo and Katana font

Razer enters the world of hardware, and is that the company enters the world of water cooling with its system Razer Hanbo Chroma, plus their own fans Razer Kunai Chroma, your fan controller Razer PWM PC Fan Controller, and even a power supply named Razer Katana Chroma.

Razer Hanbo

We do not know much about the liquid, only that it will be available in two variants of 240 y 360 mm and that ARGB (Razer Chroma) lighting prevails both in the block and the fans. The only thing they mention is what any liquid on the market does, but looking at the design, the only thing that could vary somewhat is the aluminum fins per inch that the radiator uses. They go on sale in November.

Razer Katana

Of the power supply, its matte black design stands out, the finish in general looks very elegant and quality, and the Razer Chroma ring could not be missing. This source comes with an energy certification 80 Plus Platinum, completely modular design, and is available in powers of 750 a 1200W, there is a model of up to 1600W with 80 Plus Titanium certification. They go on sale in early 2022.

Razer Kunai

ARGB fans 120 y 140 mm with the ARGB ring, and the same elegant and minimalist design in matt black color with rubber pads on the screw fixings to avoid any problem related to vibrations.

The 120 mm ones have 18 ARGB LEDs, rotate between the 500 and 2200 RPM moving an air flow of 17.48 a 65,5 CFM with a static pressure of 0.15 a 2.47 mmH2O with a loudness of 15 to 35 dBA and a useful life of 60,000 hours of use. The 140mm model has 22 LEDs, it runs smoothly 500 a 1600 RPM generating an air flow of hasta 81 CFM with a static pressure of up to 1.31 mmH2O and a loudness of up to 30 dBA.

Barring a fucking web bug, each fan costs 49,99 eurosThey will be carbon fiber at least.

Razer PWM PC Fan Controller

A simple slim design fan controller (100 x 70 x 18.65mm thick) capable of handling up to 8x fans. Its price is 54,99 euros.


Razer enters hardware market liquid Hanbo Katana font

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