It has generated a value of 900 million dollars

It has generated a value of 900 million dollars
It has generated a value of 900 million dollars

That ‘The Squid Game’ has become the phenomenon of the 2021/2022 season on Netflix is ​​an open secret. South Korean fiction does not stop gaining followers and is reaching dizzying numbers that few could predict. As is usual, the popular streaming platform is cautious when it comes to providing specific data on its productions, publishing only specific audience metrics and thereby avoiding sharing the most detailed ones with the media, investors or the creators themselves. spaces.

Park Hae-soo, Lee Jung-jae and Anupam Tripathi, in a scene from ‘The Squid Game’

The latest figures released placed the series as the best premiere in Netflix’s history with a total of 111 million households reached during its first month, thus dethroning ‘The Bridgertons’, who held the record since last Christmas by reaching 82 million accounts. Some time after the premiere, an internal leak from the American giant, we have been able to learn more about it. In the document in question, dissected by Bloomberg, the performance metrics of ‘The Squid Game’ are specified on the aforementioned platform.

According to these statistics, about 132 million people would have seen at least two minutes of the hit series in its first 23 days on the catalog. Likewise, from Netflix it is estimated that 89% of users who began to watch fiction viewed a minimum of 75 minutes of it, that is, more than a full chapter, while 66%, or what is the same, 87 million people consumed the entire season in this period of time. In total, ‘The Squid Game’ would have more than 1,400 million hours played, a stark figure available to very few.

A money making machine

In terms of earnings, the South Korean series would be close to generating a value of 900 million dollars for the company. Huge figures, taking into account its cost: $ 21.4 million, which translates to approximately $ 2.4 million per chapter. With these numbers on the table, it is not surprising that the renewal for a second season is ringing louder. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter wanted to highlight the successful approach of the king of streaming with this production: “We believe Netflix has found a solid and profitable strategy with its content internationalization efforts, with ‘The Squid Game’ as the perfect example, “he wrote in a press release on October 14.


generated million dollars

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