Perseverance confirms major floods in the past of Mars

Perseverance confirms major floods in the past of Mars
Perseverance confirms major floods in the past of Mars

Artistic recreation of the past of Mars covered with great lakes and bodies of water
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Data from the exploration mission of the Perseverance on Mars they do not stop throwing new information on the past of the red planet. If just a week ago NASA published a report on the possibility that the planet could have supported life in the past, now the data coming from the Martian surface seem to confirm that the now arid planet was covered millions of years ago by large masses of water. The red planet could be much more similar to the blue Earth than previously thought. In fact, NASA believes that Mars suffered enormous floods throughout its history.

The images collected by Perseverance reveal that the crater in which the vehicle landed has an astonishingly dynamic and complex hydrological history. The results of the analysis carried out with the data sent by this autonomous vehicle show that 3.7 billion years ago a large river flowed in that region at speeds of several meters per second. This river fed a big lake that filled the crater 45 kilometers in diameter and had a depth of up to 100 meters at some points. Furthermore, the sedimentary structure of the crater reveals unexpected fluctuations in the depth of the lake, which at times seemed to increase or decrease by several meters, possibly as a result of seasonal variations and floods similar to those that occur in the great basins of the Earth, such as the Amazon or the Nile.

Perseverance finds signs of major floods in Mars’ past

Floods and apocalyptic floods

The presence of huge stone blocks like boulders of more than one meter in diameter. The photos confirm that their surface is rounded and smooth as a result of the wear and tear they suffered during their long and bumpy journey through the now-defunct river. Scientists believe that these pebbles and other debris would have been washed away by huge floods and floods that affected the river system, pushing them downstream to the bottom of the crater.


Perseverance confirms major floods Mars

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