Epic Games plans to create a film productions division for Fortnite

Epic Games plans to create a film productions division for Fortnite
Epic Games plans to create a film productions division for Fortnite

After consolidating as a platform on PC and maintaining the success of ‘Fortnite‘, Epic Games managers now plan to expand the business into a new entertainment division. To start with, with a movie based on its most popular franchise. Being a perfectly established product in the video game industry, taking it to the movies would avoid the software house having to convince its majority audience, especially the young, the age group that most plays ‘Fortnite’.

The intention to work in its own film division would be brewing since the beginning of this year, when the owner of the famous Battle Royale recruited three executives from Lucasfilm, the studio responsible for ‘Star Wars’ and which is now part of Walt Disney Studios. None of these held positions directly related to film production itself, but were involved in business management in different related departments.

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Without a doubt, the potential of ‘Fortnite’ on the big screen is gigantic, since the format is segmented into seasons, each with its own story and setting, in addition to having a great variety of crossovers with athletes, musicians, Marvel and DC heroes , themed of ‘John Wick’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Ghostbusters’, discounting the generous number of video game franchises that have already stepped on the format.

Of course, pushing all of this means building a new division focused on broadening the license, and it’s not easy to anticipate similar success for the movies as it has been for the game. However, the presence of Lucasfilm executives indicates something in this regard, as they could be in charge of expanding and shaping the concept of the video game rather than simply using the universe that is already created. Furthermore, it seems that in recent years some movie executives have found a more reasonable avenue in adapting games to the big screen. Not that it always works, but once in a while, it gets done right.


Epic Games plans create film productions division Fortnite

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