Twitter will allow you to remove followers without blocking them

Twitter prepares a new function that will allow remove a follower without blocking them, in an action that would receive the denomination of «soft lock«.

In the “soft block” the removed follower will not be notified or will be blocked

To put it into practice, you have to access the user’s account profile from the website, access the list of followers and search until you find the one you want to delete. You will have to click on the icon with the three horizontal dots that appears next to the follower on which you want to practice this «soft blocking» and select the option «Delete this follower», as shown in a screenshot broadcast by the social network itself.

What is more significant is that the follower affected by this “soft block” will not be notified of the action and will not be blocked, so their interaction will not change the experience with the content published by the user who is the protagonist of this action. Unlike a block made by the usual mode, where the content posted by the blocking tweeter would no longer appear on the timeline of the blocked follower.

Another change from traditional blocking is that whoever is subjected to a “soft blocking” can continue to send direct messages to the tweeter who has blocked them, even if they cannot read their tweets. On the other hand, that follower can go back to following the profile that that “soft block” has practiced on him when he detects that it exists.

From Twitter, this new blocking modality is developed for cases in which that someone does not want to totally or permanently block a follower, but you do want to establish a space in the interaction through the social network with respect to another user, expanding control over the experience and providing a control tool for cases of harassment or inappropriate or abusive behavior. It also allows to avoid the possible repercussions derived from a blockade by whoever takes it as an aggression and, basically, it means giving the user greater power over the scope of their publications, allowing them to choose who their tweets reach.

It is one more tool that Twitter offers to establish limits on followers and their intractions, such as the limit of 400 daily followers introduced at the time to try to eliminate abuses derived from bot accounts.


Twitter remove followers blocking

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