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The fall it suffered along with Instagram and Facebook around the world has not prevented WhatsApp continue to be users’ favorite instant messaging app. To keep it that way, its creators have prepared some updates that we will see very soon.

The novelties that we have seen in 2021 have been very well received, especially the speed controller for voice memos. But this will not end here, as the following goes from transcribing and pausing audios to reporting chats.

Audio transcription

There is no doubt that sending audios to your chats is one of the most comfortable ways to communicate via mobile. However, the receiver cannot always hear said voice memo, so the option to transcribe audio automatically.

Pause audio recording

This could be one of the pleasant surprises for the millions of WhatsApp users. The application will allow pause an audio while you’re recording it to continue later. How many times have we had to undo a voice note for making a mistake? This, in the coming months, will remain in the memory.

Watch videos without volume

Another novelty in the platform owned by Facebook will be watching videos without volume. Obviously, it can already be done by manually lowering the volume, but very soon we will be able to view them without sound even if we have it activated on our device.

React to messages with emojis

As with the states, WhatsApp will go back to drinking from Instagram (also under the command of the empire of Mark Zuckerberg) to incorporate another of its functions. It is none other than the reactions, which we know from the stories of the social network of photos. In the instant messaging app, we can react with emojis to the messages of a chat.

report chats

Scams and the control of the security of user data is one of the pending issues of the company. It is because of that to the popular blocking of chats, it will be added an option to report or report a contact.

Offline multi-device function

Millions of people use WhatsApp Web on devices other than their smartphone. However, it is certainly inconvenient that it is essential to also have the phone connected. This could change shortly, as work is underway on a upgrade to include offline multi-device function, something that does not yet have an arrival date.


WhatsApp news transcribing pausing audios reporting chats Technology

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