Four days after the presentation of the M1X, Apple already has 80% of the ARM-based laptop market

Four days after the presentation of the M1X, Apple already has 80% of the ARM-based laptop market
Four days after the presentation of the M1X, Apple already has 80% of the ARM-based laptop market

The presence of ARM processors in the rapidly growing computer market. A growth that has seen a strong acceleration thanks to the Apple silicon chips that, in addition, have helped Apple to establish itself with a dominance of 80% of this market in 2021, according to the latest data.

A growing market where Apple leads

Strategy Analytics has published data on the market for laptops with ARM processors. A market that is seeing rapid expansion, multiplying by nine its size in 2020 and next tripling its growth this 2021 until reaching 949 million dollars.

According to published data, laptop units with ARM processors are will double in 2021 and represent 10% of the laptop market. A more than substantial growth of which Apple, MediaTek and Qualcomm will capture all the revenue.

Apple will be the largest player in this distribution, reaching capture up to 80% of revenue thanks to M1 processors. This leaves MediaTek in second place with 18% of the market and Qualcomm in third place with just 3%.

“Qualcomm, despite its close partnership with Microsoft on the Windows operating system, was unable to make a dent in the laptop market until now. Qualcomm is investing heavily in the computing market with its acquisition of Nuvia, which we will only see about. results from 2023. In the short term, Qualcomm may focus on Chromebooks to capture some of MediaTek’s revenue. “

“Strategy Analytics believes that ARM-based portable processor vendors will need to intensify software investment and branding efforts to effectively compete with x86-based vendors Intel and AMD.”

A market in which Apple has entered with great force.

The truth is that the numbers speak for themselves. Apple’s presence in the market for ARM processors in notebook computers has seen tremendous growth since last October the first Macs with Apple silicon were launched. The transition to ARM processors designed by the same company is ongoing and we expect it to be completed by the end of 2022.

A transition that takes us to next Monday, when we should see the second iteration of the current M1, surely called M1X, which will be the chips chosen to give life to the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros. With this step, Apple is completing the transition stage regarding the most professional ranges of its Mac computers, thereby its presence in the ARM sector is expected to increase considerably.

We are seeing an upward trend in ARM processors, in part due to the difficulties Intel has been experiencing. By their own architecture, ARM processors tend to be more energy efficient, something key in the market for laptops such as the Mac. As Microsoft continues to prepare its version of Windows for ARM processors, it is clear that Apple has quickly given the first steps and has established itself in the lead. A few steps that this coming Monday we will have more information.

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