Get an Xbox Series S at the best price

Get an Xbox Series S at the best price
Get an Xbox Series S at the best price

Looking for a powerful, quiet, compact console ready for next-gen games? Well then you will be glad to know that in Eneba you can get a Xbox Series S the best price.

Is the Xbox Series S worth buying?

The Xbox Series S is the perfect option for those gamers who want a console ready for the new generation, that does not take up too much space and, for those players who prefer their games in digital formatTherefore, it is also perfect for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox One X vs Xbox Series S Is it worth the jump?

Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

The first difference that jumps out, is the size. The Xbox Series S is a smaller and more compact console than the Series X. In terms of technical characteristics, the Series X has 500 GB extra internal storage, you can play physical games thanks to its integrated disk drive, has a larger processor and can run games in true 4K, while the S Series reaches resolutions of 1440p.

Even so, both allow you reduce loading times in games, gives you the possibility of switch from game to game instantly and play certain games at 120 fps or with ray-tracing

Juegos físicos de Xbox (Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

In addition to consoles, in Eneba you will also find Xbox games from different generations. You’ve got everything from retro games from the first Xbox, to some of the latest Xbox Series X games. Take a look at this list:

Buy the Xbox Series S comfortably with the Eneba APP

Now with the new Eneba APP (available at Android and iOS), you will have a more fluid experience in the Eneba store thanks to the new functionalities that have been implemented in the APP.

Among the new functionalities, there is the possibility of sell from mobile, allowing you take product photos that you want to sell and upload it directly from your mobile.

Ricardo and Mortero explain it to you in detail in this video:

Download the Eneba APP now and start buying and selling comfortably from your mobile.

* For now it is only available for Spain, but will soon arrive in Latin America.

Download links:

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