Pokémon GO prepares a great update: new functions, Eggs and PokéStops

Niantic is preparing a weight update for Pokémon GO based on improving the experience of our games. With more than five years behind it, the phenomenon of iOS and Android is experiencing one of its best moments in terms of content, community involvement and income; but that does not mean that there are not aspects to improve and details of quality of life to incorporate. Let’s know all the changes to be added soon.

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“In the coming months, we are going to test small changes to the game in some parts of the world”, they begin by saying, making it clear that this update will not be global simultaneously, but a soft launch by territories, as usual. “We are always striving to improve the Pokémon GO experience. Therefore, we want to make sure that the changes we make are beneficial to the overall community experience, as well as for the Coaches in particular, and have a positive impact before applying them globally ”, they report.

PokéStops and Eggs will receive new options

So, these are the five big changes that will come to Pokémon GO in the coming months:

  • They will add nickname suggestions for new Trainers.
  • The number of tips for Coaches will increase; intended for newcomers.
  • PokéStops will receive new features.
  • Eggs will receive an update on the hatching process; for example, the option to skip the hatching animation.
  • New players will have a special research story designed to introduce us to the Pokémon GO universe.

The exact date of the start of the distribution of this update has not been revealed. They will first evaluate how all these changes have worked.

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Pokémon prepares great update functions Eggs PokéStops

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