Realme will present a ‘smartphone’ with ultrafast charging of 125W in 2022

Realme will present a ‘smartphone’ with ultrafast charging of 125W in 2022
Realme will present a ‘smartphone’ with ultrafast charging of 125W in 2022

MADRID, 14 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

Realme plans to present a new terminal that includes a 125W ultra-fast charge in 2022, after making a preview of this new technology in July of last year, at which time it unveiled the UltraDART system.

Although, since then, a ‘smartphone’ that supports this technology has not been presented, the company has ensured that next year will go on sale a charging device with 125W UltraDART technology.

As GSMArena points out, it has been one of the CEOs of the Chinese brand, Madhav Sheth, who has confirmed that this charger, and has advanced a ‘smartphone’, of which he has not revealed any details, which will be marketed soon and which will be “a ultra premium flagship “for the GT series.

While waiting for new advances on this model, it is worth remembering what the UltraDART technology it will support. It is an ultra-fast charging system with which the brand hopes to revolutionize the world of mobile telephony.

This is characterized by charging in three minutes the 33 percent of a 4,000 mAh battery. In this way, the mobiles that use it may have the battery full in 20 minutes. For the company, this will be “the best solution” to the problems of battery life of the ‘smartphones’ compatible with 5G.

This technology also controls the temperature of the phone so that, during charging, it does not exceed 40 degrees. That is why the time it needs to be plugged in exceeds the 13 minutes that it would actually take. In order for the device not to heat up and to offer a safe speed, a margin of five minutes is necessary.


Realme present smartphone ultrafast charging #125W

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