System Shock will have a live action series by the director of the Uncharted fan film

New projects for live action series based on video games keep coming; so much so, that if a few weeks ago the next adaptation of the saga was announced Driver in live action, now also from Binge the project of making a live action series based on the famous video game saga is confirmed System Shock. This was announced by the content manager Allan Ungar, director of the popular 2018 Uncharted fan film starring Nathan Fillion.

System Shock Real Image Series

“System Shock is an iconic franchise adored by gamers for over two decades and a series that helped redefine what it means play an FPS ”, says Ungar himself in statements collected by the Deadline media. Also, the creators of the upcoming System Shock remake, Night Dive Studios, are also involved in the project with Stephen Kick and Larry Kuperman as executive producers.

“I’ve always believed that a live-action adaptation of System Shock would be the perfect medium to retell the heartbreaking story of Citadel Station and its rogue AI that subjects the crew to unimaginable horror, ”says Night Dive Studios’ Kick.

Recall that the original delivery of System Shock came to the market in 1994 in charge of LookingGlass Technologies and Origin Systems in the form of a cyberpunk horror adventure, in which the player takes control of an anonymous hacker who must survive the threat of killer robots and mutant mechanical spawns controlled by a evil artificial intelligence who wants to take control of the planet.

Nightdive Studios is currently working on the remake the first installment, a project that has been in development for years and has suffered several delays in its launch date; so much so, that its creators still do not offer a specific date. In similar terms we can speak of a third part, now in the hands of Tencent.

Source | Deadline


System Shock live action series director Uncharted fan film

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