Heidern llega a King of Fighters 15

Heidern llega a King of Fighters 15
Heidern llega a King of Fighters 15

We had not had the revelation of a new character for The King of Fighters 15 for a long time, however a few hours ago the account

revealed who will be another of the characters that will join the squad of the new Japanese combat game. The fighter’s announcement was only a matter of time as his appearance was tacitly confirmed by appear on the cover of the game.

With this there are already 31 confirmed fighters out of a total of 39 that the game will have at its launch with two more teams that will come in the form of DLC, that is, 6 new fighters in total.

King of Fighters 15 incorporates a forced IP

Heidern is the commander of the Ikari Warriors and an indispensable piece of the IP if we consider that he appeared in the first installment of the year 1994. His battle companions Ralf Jones, Clark Still and Leona had already been confirmed as part of the squad, but with that full team, we’ll see where Heidern fits in.

The trailer shows the character fighting in a setting inspired by Metal Slug and in a Nordic landscape with everything and the Northern Lights. The attacks do not seem to be very different from the last version, highlighting the penetration blows that from what it looks like cause the same insane damage as before. One of the changes that can be seen is in the character’s voice, with Haruo Yamagishi in charge of this task.

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