A report talks about the Nintendo Switch 4K, which would have exclusive games and more news

Although it is evident that many times the rumors are not true, it is also true that it is not difficult to classify those reports that come with more evidence or evidence that behind is something important. It is the case of the so rumored Switch Pro, whose lights were turned off when Nintendo decided to announce the recent OLED model of the console. But… Does that mean that the new Nintendo console, capable of operating at 4K, does not exist? We do not have an exact answer, but we can tell you that very interesting reports continue to arrive that suggest that it does exist.

More clues arrive

For example, Bloomberg noted that numerous publishers had received development kits for a new model compatible with that resolution. In addition, it was recently discovered that the OLED model dock is thought to admit that resolution. And today comes a new chapter, since an insider (via Wccftech) has given more details about this supposed new console. We talk about NateDrake, a well-known Nintendo insider, and which ensures that if the Switch Pro has not been presented, it is because actually Nintendo could be preparing a new generation console. Drake evidently refers to the Bloomberg report. Attentive to what he has said:

“Since the Bloomberg article came out, I’ve reached out to many of my own contacts to try to make sense of the information. […] I will no longer refer to this as a “Switch Pro”. Based on conversations I’ve had, it’s clear that this is new Nintendo Switch hardware, but it’s unclear how it will be presented. I don’t know if it will position itself as Switch 2 or a review, but in the future I’ll just refer to it as Switch 4K. Because it has 4K capability and that it will be achieved with DLSS. Those facts are solid, there is substantial evidence to support that information and they have no reason to anticipate that, although that will change soon. “.

The insider’s statements make it clear that, to achieve 4K resolution, the new console would depend on NVIDIA’s DLSS technology. Something that had already been talked about in the past. And according to experts, that could require a pretty major hardware upgrade, so backward compatibility with current Switch could be tricky.

Still, Drake think Nintendo will find a way to get that backward compatibility, although they state that it is likely that many third party do focus on creating exclusive games that can only work on the new model. The insider ends by commenting that, regarding the launch, this could occur at late 2022 or early 2023. What do you think? Would you like this approach for the next Nintendo console? We read you carefully.


report talks Nintendo Switch exclusive games news

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