Heidern was training for the fighting

Heidern was training for the fighting
Heidern was training for the fighting


By: Nicolás Vásquez | 10-14-21

SNK continues in its work of presenting one by one the fighters that will be part of the new The King of Fighters XV. Little by little we get to know each of their characters accompanied by trailers. Today is one of the veterans who apparently kept training all this time.

We are talking about the commander of the Ikari Warriors, Heidern. In true SNK fashion, the commander was introduced alongside a gameplay where we can realize that he maintains his melee fighting style based on martial arts.

Heidern was presented for the first time in The King of Fighters 94 as part of the Brazil Team. Who later became the famous Ikari Team formed by Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Whip, and their adopted daughter, Leona Heidern. However, so far it has not been confirmed which team he will belong to.

Commander he will once again use his sharp hands, which create an aura that cuts through everything around him. In addition, he will keep his techniques characterized by an elegant and destructive style. In addition, the character will return after a training session, since he is a little more muscular.

It only remains to wait until February 14, 2022, the date where KOF XV will be released for the consoles of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S y PC.


Heidern training fighting

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