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Konami announced last July the end of his saga of video game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES, for friends) and the start of e-football, its replacement. However, the new game, since its launch, has generated reactions in social networks for the wrong reasons.

According to the video game development company, the plan was to create a gaming experience with a totally new engine, renewing various game systems to generate a better impact on the players of this type of delivery.

“We decided to create a new soccer engine, with a revamped animation system and game controls. The end result was even more impressive than we had originally envisioned. We had gone beyond the border of PES, towards a new realm of virtual soccer ”, assured the company in a statement.

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However, following its release last week, the replacement of the PES has not caused the positive impact that the developers wanted, because the irregularities in the graphics caused a wave of memes around these failures, specifically in the most famous players.

Also, not only the graphics have been the point of user complaints, but also the gameplay. and the flow of the game in general, which seems to make no sense for now.

“After the launch of e-football 2022 we have received a lot of feedback (feedback) and requests regarding the balance of the game, which includes the speed of passing or the performance of the defense. We would also like to let you know that there have been reports of problems that users have experienced with cinematics, facial expressions, player movements and ball behavior, ”Konami said on social media.

Likewise, the company assured that certain aspects of the game will be corrected, including the graphics., in an update prepared for this month, with which they hope to satisfy as many users as possible.


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