Telegram, the platform where the most cybercriminals are found

Telegram, the platform where the most cybercriminals are found
Telegram, the platform where the most cybercriminals are found

Telegram It is a platform that has experienced great growth in recent years, and that has become the most popular alternative to WhatsApp. Now is in the spotlight behind the reportage that publishes’Financial Times‘ in which details as the platform, founded by the Russian developer exiled in the UK, Pavel Durov, has been filled with cybercriminals.

“We have seen that Cybercriminals’ use of Telegram has grown by 100%”, Highlights a cybersecurity analyst who works at Cyberint, Tal Samra. “The encrypted messaging service is becoming more and more popular among these malicious actors for run your fraudulent activities and sell stolen data”. “And it is more convenient to use Telegram than the ‘dark web'”.

As Samra explains in the British newspaper, Telegram is filling up with cybercriminal channels. And is that the number of mentions of terms such as “email: pass” or “combo” (the expression used by computer criminals to offer passwords and email addresses) has been multiplied until for four until reaching the 3,400 mentions.

The report details that up to recently there was a canal on the platform, called ‘Combolist‘, in which cybercriminals sold this type of data. Telegram closed said channel as soon as the ‘Financial Times’ contacted them to verify the information.

Likewise, in Cyberint they also highlight information that they detail in their study: There are over a million channels and groups on which ‘hacking’ links are posted. A figure that a year earlier stood at 180,000.

Telegram and its relationship with the authorities

Unlike the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp, Telegram does not lend itself so much to collaborate with the authorities. Furthermore, given its ease of use and great accessibility, many cybercriminals have become so-called ‘early adopters’.

For that reason Telegram had to take action as soon as it was reported that terrorists used the messaging platform snapshot for multiple purposes; from organizing attacks, to spreading propaganda messages. This really changed two years ago, when Europol began to pursue this type of content more intensively.


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