NASA says asteroid impact with Earth inevitable – Noticieros Televisa

NASA says asteroid impact with Earth inevitable – Noticieros Televisa
NASA says asteroid impact with Earth inevitable – Noticieros Televisa

The impact of an asteroid with the Land is an event that could happen and, according to an exercise led by the NASA, this would be unavoidable, because with current technology it would not be possible to prevent a collision with a rocky object even with six months of preparation.

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Under the seventh Conference from Planetary Defense held in April 2021, the NASA and other space agencies participated in a drill to try to avoid an asteroid collision and the result was unsuccessful.

It was concluded that currently there are not enough measures to deflect, stop or destroy the asteroid of the dimensions used in the exercise.

According to the hypothetical case, the asteroid, named 2021 PDC, It was discovered on April 19, 2021 and its size could be 120 meters, in case its reflectivity was 13%.

The date of impact was established for the October 20 and the disaster, after performing several exercises hypothetical, it would be unavoidable, since it would take a long time before the impact date to be able to send a ship to help deflect or destroy the asteroid.

The collision would occur in Europe, on the border between Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria or North Africa

“If we faced the scenario in life, we could not launch any spacecraft in such a short time with the current capabilities,” said the participants in the exercise.

In case of a similar case, the possible solution would be to evacuate the area before the asteroid collides with the Land, although it would also be a complicated scenario.

These exercises help the planetary defense community to communicate and with governments, this with the aim that all actors are coordinated in the event that an impact threat arises in the future, he said. Lindley Johnson, NASA Planetary Defense Officer.

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