Parrot hilariously asks Alexa to add pulled pork to shopping list

Parrot hilariously asks Alexa to add pulled pork to shopping list
Parrot hilariously asks Alexa to add pulled pork to shopping list

A smart parrot has figured out how to chat with Alexa, using the electronic assistant to add items to the shopping list and control the lights.

The Congolese African gray parrot, named Max, has an extensive vocabulary, which includes the ability to master the Amazon contraption.

The parrot’s owner shared the bird’s funny conversations with his TikTok and Instagram account, @ maxtheafricangrey2000, under the name Max Franklin.

One clip, shared last week, has racked up a whopping 7.5 million views and shows the parrot: with a decidedly human voice — Saying “Alexa.” The characteristic sound of the activated assistant is heard in the background.

The 21-year-old parrot then proceeds to add food to the weekly grocery store, while Max says “add pulled pork.” In comic scenes, the device responds to the bird and says: “You have already included the pig in your shopping list.”

This probably explains where Max originally took the phrase, after hearing that his owner thought he lived in Buffalo, New York, put him on the shopping list. The video captions for the brilliant exchange simply say, “Alexa adds pulled pork to my shopping list hahahaha.”

But it’s not just the food that Max asks Alexa for, as the bird cleverly uses the device to turn on the lights. Another clip captures the bird, which has a lifespan of around 60 years according to World Animal Protection, requesting a change in beam when the lightbulb is turned on over its cage.

While the separate clips reveal that Max also figured out how to use Alexa to turn on the radio, showing the bird asking for songs, including rap music, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning.

“Tell Alexa to play 97 Rock and call my dog ​​brothers to listen,” the owner captioned another video, while Alexa responds to Max, saying, “Here’s a station you might like, classic rock, from Amazon Music.” .

Gray parrots are known to learn around 100 words, as demonstrated by one of the most famous of the species, Alex, who passed away in 2007, according to Los New York Times.

In addition to the words, Max was also insightful taken by the cough-mimicking camera, after his owner caught a cold. “My human has a cold and I think so!” titled the clip.

Numerous people commented on Max’s skills and vocabulary in the viral video, and Nicholette_odenbach asked, “Are you kidding me?”

Joanmarie723 thought, “Wow, he’s good at imitating.”

He knew what he was doing, Mo calculated.

Casey Nelson thought, “Crafty little bird.”

And it’s me, Valerie 2020 added: “It’s amazing. Animals are very intelligent ”.

Newsweek reached out to Max Franklin for comment.

Stock photo of a gray parrot. An owner caught his little bird trying to add food to his shopping list through Alexa.
Michelle Mahlke-Sloniecki / Getty Images
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