Creators of Pokémon Go remove a game after just a year after its launch

Creators of Pokémon Go remove a game after just a year after its launch
Creators of Pokémon Go remove a game after just a year after its launch

Despite the recognized success of Pokémon Go, the company has so far not been able to repeat what happened using new games Photo: Sophia Kembowski / dpa

The creators of Pokémon Go, Niantic, have decided completely shut down another augmented reality project barely a year having passed since its release as early access.

The news was released by the same company in an official statement announcing that they will no longer offer support for the game known as Catan: World Explorers, a version adapted to mobile devices with augmented reality of the strategy board game with the same name.

This announcement comes as a surprise because the game in question had not even managed to receive an official full release, as it was in the month of July 2020 that the beta began as early access so that a series of players could experience the game before the rest of the users. However, the project would not have advanced beyond such experimentation phases.

The game mechanics involved details such as the capture of territories together with the collection and administration of resources to be able to get more areas on the digital map, elements quite similar to what was seen in the board game, although they were mixed with characteristics of the company’s previous games such as the exploration of locations in real life.

Regarding the explanation for the closure of the game, barely a year after its launch as open access, the company did not offer an explicit reason. However, they explained that attempts to adapt the board game to an augmented reality online multiplayer experience did not turn out as expected. “We are very proud of the game we played, however, we get a bit complicated and we get a little bit away from the original game”They added in the statement.

The original plan of the game included the use of exchanges, harvests and buildings so that players would have constant activities, in addition they would reset the boards around the world every month to simulate the start of a new game of the board game together with tasks adapted according to the seasons and seasons of the year.

Media like The Verge wonder about this apparent failure of Niantic after the incomparable success of Pokémon Go since its departure and that has remained even today despite various problems that arose after the arrival of the pandemic to all nations in the world. The company has already carried out similar projects, although none have been so well received, as was the previous case of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which was considered to be the same Pokémon game with the appearance of the renowned magician.

Niantic is not the only company that has tried again to find success through augmented reality experiences, Microsoft also joined by creating Minecraft Earth. This particular project wanted to capture a world structure similar to that of the famous Mojang game and toys were even sold to interact with the game, but its service was also terminated this year on June 30.

As part of the announcement, Niantic clarified that very soon will remove the app from digital stores in which it had been available until now and will also completely close real money purchases and transactions within the game. As for the currently active users, they warned that they will include benefits for them to use for the last weeks that remain before the November 18th, the day they clarified that they will completely close the service.


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