That? Luigi found in Dreamcast SEGA GT prototype

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The praiseworthy work of video game preservatives and researchers is not only ensuring that what is created in the sector has an adequate historical record, but it has also allowed us to discover some secrets that are found in the bowels of the different development processes. Creatives have been known to lay Easter eggs or play a few pranks internally and some make it into the final versions to be discovered by enthusiasts. On this occasion, a curious presence was revealed that stayed halfway before the launch of SEGA GT from Dreamcast.

Luigi in a Dremcast game? Yes it happened, but only in a prototype

This weekend, the Twitter account SEGA Dreamcast Info shared a curious discovery in a prototype of the racing game SEGA GT, which debuted on the Japanese console in February 2000. According to the information, the build of the game in the version that was analyzed included a secret race that was ironically titled “SonyGT2”, perhaps in reference to the successful Gran Turismo 2 of PlayStation that had already conquered the fans in those years.

However, another surprise appeared later since the person in charge of the checkered flag was none other than Luigi himself, yes, Mario’s brother.

This finding is part of the research project “Project Deluge” that has 135 SEGA Dreamcast prototypes and 349 of the first Xbox, consisting of unreleased games, ports, demos and different versions that account for the development processes.

This secret race did not reach the final version of SEGA GT, developed by Wow Entertainment (Sega AM1) and TOSE, but it is thought that it was an inside joke on the part of the creatives and perhaps a test track for the rest of the game which would have allowed to place the references to Great tourism and Luigi.

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