Let’s talk about the 9th generation iPad!

As the owner of some Apple products, watching yesterday’s Keynote, I was very happy to see that a product how the entry-level iPad continues to give surprises

It is comforting to feel that the manufacturer is also thinking of users who decide to get into the ecosystem with a product like the 10.2 ″ iPad with Retina display (not only those who invest a fairly large amount of money in the Pro series of the same) .

As I said before in the video of the 8th generation iPad, these are input devices that do not detract in the least, it supports from photo editing applications using Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, the Adobe Creativity Suite and much plus!

Video about the experience with the 8th generation iPad!

The iPad’s form factor and processing power have helped it break through the tough tablet market that, until very recently, was only focused on content consumption. In the case of the 9th generation iPad, having accessories (almost mandatory use) such as the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard, open a different panorama for users in terms of productivity thanks to the new version of the iPadOs 15 operating system. .

It is true, many would like to have a USB-C type data synchronization and charging input, better cameras (up to the Lidar) and possibly a more current ChipSet but, the performance of this type of basic and / or education iPad is very good for an entry-level tablet that supports practically all applications and can do everything! Which does not happen in other ecosystems such as Android, where only premium tablets can be used to produce, otherwise content can hardly be consumed.

In addition, having several years of security updates and the iPadOS operating system, makes the device remain safe and its performance is stable over time, allowing to study, work and have fun without problem on a screen of a very manageable size.

What will be the advantages of the 9th generation iPad?

Framing centered on the iPad

In the case of the 9th generation 10.2 ″ iPad, it will be excellent for users to have options such as:

  • A ChipSet A13 Bionic that, although it is not the most recent, has a lot of power to give and invite (not only to consume content but to produce it),
  • A new 12 MP Wide Angle front camera with centered framing so that in conferences the user is always well focused,
  • Retina display with colors that match the environment (TrueTone) to watch movies, office documents and even to draw with the first generation Apple Pencil,
  • The screen division or Split View that, even, allows the same application to be opened several times to have more than one version of applications at hand like Word, Notes … and use the same App through various scenarios,
  • Slide Over that allows you to open several Apps in a reduced space of the divided screen view and navigate until you find the one that is going to be used at a certain time,
  • Use hand gestures or, even more, through Apple Pencil to capture screens (in English Snapshots), convert documents to PDFs, make annotations on any type of content and other options,
  • The maturity of the iPadOS that has a file management system that allows access to data (such as photos, videos, documents …) from an external memory and, obviously, also from the internal memory,
  • Use the iPad as an additional screen for the Mac thanks to Sidecar,
  • Play with any of the titles from the new Apple Arcade catalog in a comfortable way (pairing the 10.2 ″ iPad with a PS4 or Xbox controller),
  • Draw or take freehand notes or take quick notes anywhere with Apple Pencil. Said notes may include links and even thumbnails to give the user context,
  • Share content with friends, share screen, watch movies or listen together using SharePlay on iPadOs 15,
  • Central window so that the most important content is displayed in the center without leaving the current view,
  • New Widgets to view several of the apps in a larger size,
  • Centralized notifications in a daily summary,

Central Window in iPadOS 15

Is the 9th generation 10.2 ″ iPad worth considering as your next device?

Because of the features, dimensions, weight (it is light and it will not cause back pain to take it everywhere), capacity of 64 or 256 GB, Touch ID relocated and even for the price (USD 329 or 479 and with special discounts in case it is an educational organization), personally, I think that This new iPad is a strong option to consider in terms of productivity, content consumption and even for fun!

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