This 325-inch screen from LG costs the same as a new helicopter

Tired of 70-inch TVs? Do you want to see the Master Chief on a movie screen without leaving home? Well, LG makes it easy for you with its new range of televisions. Of course, if you have a good bank account and a house, rather, a mansion where you can put televisions that go up to 589 inches. You read that right, 589 inches. Almost nothing.

This new range from the company, called Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema, aims to bring cinema to our giant living rooms.

LG brings you home theaters with unlikely screens

Although it may seem like a joke, getting serious, this new range is totally real and can be bought from anyone who can afford it. It is not something exclusive for movie theaters or large companies, any can be done with them if you have enough space in your home. This range, as confirmed by the company itself, goes from 81 inches to the aforementioned 589, with resolutions between 2K and 8K.

In addition, they use new LED technology that offers greater brightness and contrast and are designed for rooms with many windows and a large source of ambient lighting.


And you, do you have the space for a television of these characteristics? What do you think of this type of proposal?

This 325-inch screen from LG costs the same as a new helicopter - LG launches its new line of televisions with inches typical of a cinema and at a cost that is not suitable for all budgets.



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