Smart glasses: what are the news and products – Devices – Technology

Smart glasses: what are the news and products – Devices – Technology
Smart glasses: what are the news and products – Devices – Technology

Almost a decade ago, in June 2012, Google generated a stir and interest with the announcement of the development of Google Glasses, augmented reality glasses that can be activated through voice commands, capable of browsing the internet, taking pictures and making calls.

The product, which seemed to have come from science fiction, was executed in the Google X department, where the technology giant carries out various investigations, such as the development of autonomous cars and drones for deliveries. Glasses generated different questions regarding privacy, prompting the company to announce a hiatus in the project for the year 2015.

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But it seems that interest in these types of devices has not died. Recently, Facebook announced the launch, in partnership with Ray-Ban, of Ray-Ban Stories, smart glasses with different functionalities. This is adds to other developments announced by Huawei and Xiaomi.

All this shows the interest that some manufacturers already have to enter this market and expand the range of products wearables, which in recent years has seen significant growth in the hands of smart watches and wireless headphones.

A report by Global Data estimates that the market of wearables going to move sales by $ 64 billion by 2024, an increase of 137 percent compared to the volumes registered in 2019.

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“It can be said that smart glasses have had a total renovation to what the market was looking for about a decade ago. The trend evolved understanding that glasses are an accessory and that its use is mainly related to style, ”says Carolina Correa, Public Relations Manager at Huawei Colombia.

And he adds that the trends that are leading in this market are directly related to harness the potential of interconnectivity that offer these artifacts for the creation of a digital environment that allows users to interact through these tools.

Current bets

The Ray-Ban Stories have dual 5MP cameras.

Ray-Ban Stories allow the user to take photos and videos, with built-in dual 5MP cameras; upload content directly to social networks, listen to music and answer calls.

Facebook announced 20 different styles, among which are sunglasses, transparent, transition or graduates. Its market value starts from 299 dollars (1,146,000 pesos) and they are already available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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In terms of audio, they have open-ear speakers and three microphones for voice transmission in calls and video recordings. It also has a technology of background noise suppression and image stabilization.

For the use of glasses, the company launched the application Facebook View, compatible for Android and iOS, which allows you to import content from the device to edit and share it directly on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and other platforms.

One of the bets to guarantee privacy is to a white led light that turns on when taking photos and videos with glasses. “We have hardware protections such as a switch to turn off the cameras and the microphone, in addition to the LED capture light that is connected to the camera and that emits a white light when they are taking photos or videos to notify nearby people,” he said. Facebook.

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The X Gentle Monster Eyewear II has two different models for glasses and two versions for sunglasses.

Another of the bets in the smart glasses market are the Huawei X Gentle Monster Eyewear II, which were launched on the market at the end of last year. Its functionalities include listening to music, answering and hanging up calls.

The equipment has a sound system that minimizes audio leaks, through inverse sound waves, so that only the user can hear the call. These glasses have, in turn, a sensor that allows you to play songs, adjust the volume, pause or answer a call through touches and movements on the device mount.

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“The design takes advantage of the bone structure so that the user can receive a great sound quality. Either for listening to music, playing video games, or making phone calls”, Detailed Correa.

What’s coming

The Chinese company Xiaomi is the other company that has its eyes set on this product. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, announced last week on his Twitter account the development of the Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

“Although they look like normal glasses at first glance, Microled optical waveguide imaging technology puts a screen in front of your eyes, for our smartest viewing experience yet,” said the executive.

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This bet brings back on the table the incorporation in the glasses of a screen that can be used for augmented reality. The date on which this device will be on the market is not yet known, but it does promise very interesting developments for this sector.

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