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The Google Pixel 6 is coming. When exactly we don’t know, although Google has previously announced the existence of the phones. last month. If you’re looking to buy a Pixel 6 when it’s available, you might want to keep an eye out for the Google Store’s anniversary deal next weekend.

Google turns 23 this month and we’re getting the giveaways in the form of discounts from the Google Store and part of that is an “offer” on the next Pixel 6 if you buy something during the sale.

There is no mention of what exactly you need to buy, what is the minimum purchase amount or what the offer is for, although there are terms and conditions on the site with some details.

To get started, you need to make a purchase from the Google Store between September 25-27 to be eligible, with a coupon emailed after November 30, roughly confirming that the phones will be here by then, and that it will be used. at the end of December this year.

Presumably this will be a discount on the Pixel 6 (or Pro) itself, although that could be for an accessory like one of its new cases that Google showed in its previous announcement, or even a wireless charger. Updated Pixel Stand that has been rumored.

You can’t transfer the code, so if you’re interested in a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you should probably at least head over this weekend to see what’s coming up on Saturday. You can sign up to the Google Store to receive reminders, which should ask you to review everything when the anniversary offers are published.

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Google mocks Pixel deal buy Google Store weekend EFTM

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